PROJECT: Museo Katsuo/

Corredor Educativo

Promoting Museo Katsuo in Southern California will help procure contributions from alumni, private parties, and corporations for  permanent educational exhibitions at the museum, our mega murals, and educational signage for the educational corridor.


Alfabetizacion Oceanica

Provides financial support for the educational materials needed by our instructors to teach Ocean Literacy to our youth ages K-12.


The following is taught to our youth:  

a) What does an Oceanologist study and what can they do with their knowledge? What can be discovered through the study of marine sciences?

b) What is pollution? What is biodegradation and the seven concepts of Ocean Literacy (using the curriculum of the NMEA-National Marine Educators Association)?

c) What can you do, today, to help reverse the effects of pollution in the Baja California Ocean?

At the end, the student accepts the "solo deja tu huella" challenge to go and practice the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle!


PROJECT: Educating Instructors

We have sponsored and partnered with Museo Katsuo and the Ocean Institute and the senior leadership at Museo Katsuo to provide training to our marine science student-volunteers to learn the best practices and foster new ideas to educate kids

K-12 in Baja California, Mexico. In addition, a virtual class is available for people interested in receiving training to be able to implement our work in their community.

PROJECT: Beach Cleanups

We are continuing to host monthly beach clean ups in Baja California, led by Ocean Literacy Instructors, Israel CambranisYacrim Cortez and Abril Hinojosa, along with other instructors, alumni and the Youth attending Museo Katsuo's Ocean Conservation classes. Our beach cleanups are twice a month in Ensenada, Baja California, Norte Mexico.


Beachcleanupdec (1).jpg

PROJECT: One Ocean

Contributing to the production of educational videos to teach kids, K-12th grade, Ocean literacy. In addition, we are working on receiving a grant of $25,000 to create a documentary to showcase the underwater seascape of Baja California and Southern California, so children are more aware and have a better understanding of what lies beneath the water, and how the seascapes in both these areas are the same- One Ocean.

PROJECT: AO Latino America

The Mares Foundation supports a group of volunteers that are creating educational videos to promote Ocean Literacy in Mexico and Latin America. The objective is to support initiatives of the United Nations during the Decade of the Ocean, lasting from 2021-2030. You can see the rest of the videos in our library or on our YouTube Channel.


PROJECT: Ola Metropolis

In order to participate with the United Nations Decade of the Ocean -2021-2030- We are working with UNAM science students and graduates along with Visual Artist Claret Lany to create 12 murals in Mexico’s Metropolis that will help promote Ocean Literacy and create a culture that promotes a Clean and Safe Ocean –environment-.