Alfabetizacion Oceanica

Provides financial support for the educational materials needed by our instructors to teach Ocean Literacy to our youth ages K-12.


The following is taught to our youth:  

a) What an Oceanologist studies and does. What can be discovered through the study of marine sciences.

b) What he or she can do to immediately to help reverse the effects of pollution in the Baja  California Ocean.

c) Ocean Literacy. Our Instructors share the knowledge required to be considered ocean literate.

PROJECT: Beach Cleanups

Coordinate monthly beach cleanups in Baja California, Mexico with the participation of Ocean Literacy instructors, alumni, teachers and the Youth attending Museo Katsuo's Ocean Conservation classes. -Next February 29th-


PROJECT: One Ocean

Contributing to the production of educational videos, will showcase the underwater seascape of Baja California and Southern California so children are more aware and have a better understanding of what lies beneath the water, and how the seascapes in both areas are similar because it's One Ocean. These videos will be presented by a collaboration of 360-degree-view videos. 

PROJECT: Museo Katsuo

Promoting Museo Katsuo in Southern California will help procure contributions from alumni, private parties, grants and organizations for  permanent educational exhibitions at the museum. 

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