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Mares Foundation is the result of a long time dream of Ocean. Cutberto Hernandez. Cutberto and his fellow alumni, who received their B.S. in Oceanology at the U.A.B.C. School of Marine Sciences, struggled through college as bartenders, servers, lifeguards etc. Anything that could fund the dream of working with the ocean!

Mares Mortgage became one of the benefactors of Museo Katsuo on the grounds of Cutberto's Alma Mater in Ensenada, Baja California Mexico and the Museum opened its doors in March 2016. The Mares Foundation has educated over 500 individuals in Ocean Literacy and leadership in the last 7 years. We have also educated nearly 5,000 students across 14 different Latin Countries. 


Our goal is to continue supporting the projects that have branched from our umbrella of volunteers and empower people to leave only their footprint! 

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