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Mares Foundation receives a strong financial support from Mares Mortgage a company funded 26 years ago by Oceanologist Cutberto Hernandez assuring that 100% of the donations and grants received from alumni, individuals and corporations are used to provide the educational resources to promote Ocean Literacy for the Youth in Baja California, Mexico and soon other parts of Mexico and Latin America.

A donor will experience Love and Connection with the Baja California community knowing that they are providing fuel for a human movement to reverse the pollution in Our Ocean. 

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The educators are students fulfilling their service hours to get their college degree in Oceanology reducing the cost of our programs.

The cost to educate our students is minimal because most of the work is done by volunteers, however, the educational equipment and materials for 2021 is estimated to be $12,500.

Donors can choose to donate for a specific item or a specific project.

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