Cutberto & Kimberly Hernandez

Founders of the Mares Foundation

Cutberto and Kimberly met at just 19 and 21 years old in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. With Kimberly being an American citizen and growing up in San Clemente, California, they were able to immigrate with their 2 year old and one on the way. Fast forward 36 years and they are still happily married and residing in Dana Point, California. Just 5 years ago they decided they wanted to start the Mares Foundation with the possibility of reversing the affects of pollution in Our Ocean by educating Our Youth. As we can all see their vision has had a tremendous ripple affect across 12 Latin Countries and the impact is still growing.

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Gigi Hernandez


Gigi has stepped in as the Director of the Foundation. Her love for working with our team of volunteers has put her in the position to lead efforts in marketing, social media, creatives and operations. She manages and fosters all collaboration and partnership efforts.

Ocean. Pablo & Alida Ramos

Pablo and Alida are one of the financial benefactors for Museo Katsuo. They both continue motivating the volunteers and promoting our work in Mexico. Their continuous financial support is essential to the continuity of our work.

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Steve Keener Ph.D.

President/CEO of Business Financial Solutions Inc.


Alejandro & Leticia Salazar

Alejandro has been instrumental in the organization of Mares Foundation. He started two years ago and his passion as an oceanologist, and as an avid scuba diver together with the love Leticia has for the ocean is contagious. Alejandro led the efforts to complete the mega mural ”Our Ocean” by urban artist NOCHE ADN. You singlehandedly convinced alumni to help finance this project. Today, this enormous mural is a place where hundreds of children gather and find inspiration to protect the ocean. Both Leticia and Alejandro are an example of what alumni can do for their university and for society.