Meet our Ambassadors

Wendy Marshall

As the current Director of the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, Wendy has embraced the partnership between the Mares Foundation and the Ocean Institute. She introduced the Ocean Literacy work from the National Marine Educators Association to our leadership and emphasized the value that this curriculum has to our work.

Dr. Juan Vaca Rodriguez

While he was a Director of the  Facultad de Ciencias Marinas he approved the use of the space for Museo Katsuo, the area was rehab to be able to present exhibitions with scientific information and historical pieces so the visitor learns about the marine sciences, history and culture of Baja California. Dr. Vaca approved the work at Museo Katsuo as social service hours for students of the oceanology and environmental sciences and approved a part time position for a coordinator of this work. He currently serves a one of the lead scientists at the UABC and continue supporting the programs he help start.

Eduardo Mendoza

From day one has been a promoter of our work in Southern California and a constant financial supporter. His love and passion for the ocean is contagious. Because of his support, we have been able to provide uniforms for our instructors.

L.C.A. Israel Carpio Cambranis

LCA Israel is currently the Director of Museo Katsuo and the coordinator of the Ocean Literacy classes lead by volunteers. He is one of the individual that worked to get this project approved and launch. Today due to his leadership and hard work, Museo Katsuo and the Mares Foundation are education hundreds of Kids that are part of a culture in Baja California that promote a clean and safe ocean.

Ocean. Roberto Calderon Villalba

Roberto the son of the director of the SCUBA and Lifesaving programs at the University of Baja California is one of the two founders of Museo Katsuo. He is an avid scuba diver, scientist and an amazing underwater photographer. Permanent collections of his underwater photography are displayed at Museo Katsuo, the headquarters of Mares Mortgage and at the conference center of the Ocean Institute. His leadership has helped made Museo Katsuo one of the best educational experiences for kids ages K-12 in Baja California.

Montserrat Mendoza

Montserrat has been a quiet constant in our social media efforts. She has given the Mares Foundation an outlet to share the success we have achieved. Montserrat has proved to be an essential and responsible part of our team who consistently updates our community by posting photos and material. These posts reach hundreds of people, including volunteers and supporters, who all share in the joy and excitement that the children experience while visiting Museo Katsuo.

Riffe International

The Riffe family business was the Foundation's first corporate partnership. They introduced us to their community and honored us at the 40th Annual Celebration of their business. It was an honor for the Mares Foundation to be acknowledged with the Founder of the business and receive a generous donation that allowed us to greatly expand our efforts during the early stages of our Foundation. We were able to triple our audience on social media because of their generosity and their recognition. We feel so lucky to share our passion for the Ocean with this extraordinary family.

Yacrim Ulises Cortez Medina

Yacrim has been one of our senior Ocean Literacy instructor at Museo Katsuo. He received training at Museo Katsuo and the Ocean Institute. He has led the efforts towards our shark exhibit at Museo Katsuo and is constantly leading beach cleanups in Baja California. Yacrim is an incredible example for what we stand for.

Pedro Arroyo

As part of Wet Products, Pedro has made it possible to create a partnership by donating educational materials, which are used by the youth who are attending our ocean conservation classes at Museo Katsuo. His continuous support has enabled us to lead over 25 beach clean ups and bring awareness to children, along with teaching them how to properly observe and respect organisms in our tide pools with the clear acrylic catch and release aquariums. Pedro's passion for this work has empowered everyone at the Mares Foundation to continue our efforts fearlessly.

Esteban Ortiz Roel

Esteban is one of the senior Ocean Literacy instructors at Museo Katsuo. He has received training at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. He served his socials service hours as a volunteer at Museo Katsuo and continue working as a liaison to the NMEA- National marine Educators Association. Esteban also is one of the marine sciences students that appear on the educational videos for ocean conservation created by the Mares Foundation.

L.B.A. Fernando Castillo Sanabria

As alumni of the Facultad de Ciencias Marinas/UABC/ Mexico he is currently one of the coordinators of virtual Ocean Literacy education that will go live September 2020. His passion for Our Ocean shows with his continuous support to Museo Katsuo and the Mares Foundation. In addition he is our liaison with the Red de Educacion Latinoamericana para el Oceano –RELATO.

Ana Sofia Guiterrez Chavez

Ana Sofia is one of the senior Ocean Literacy instructors at Museo Katsuo. She has received training at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point and has served countless social service hours as a volunteer at Museo Katsuo. She is currently part of the team for the Ocean Literacy virtual classes to go live in September 2020.

Dr. Francisco Javier Aranda Manteca

An oceanologist, professor, scientist, alumni, and part of the body of lead marine sciences researcher in Mexico has been an avid participant of our work. He has the vision for the Facultad de Ciencias Marias to be a source of knowledge for the community at large to be used for the good of the ocean.

Noche Adn

Noche Adn is an UABC alumni who has collaborated with our work by painting four mega-murals on the educational coridor of the Facultad de Ciencias Marinas de la UABC. In addition, he is the coordinator for the production of all virutal classes that are set to start in September of 2020.

Jonathan Witt

While Jonathan was the director of educational programs at the Ocean Institute he welcomed our work and became one of our main advocates. He has consistently providing direction to our volunteers at Museo Katsuo at the University of Baja California and mentoring Mares Foundation leadership. He currently serves as the project director of Environmental Education for the County of San Diego and continues supporting our work. Many of the principles of our work are suggestions he has provided.

Gigi Hernandez

Gigi is a graduate from Pepperdine University, she currently works as a Loan Originator Assistant at Mares Mortgage.  Over the past year, she has taken over the design and editing efforts for the Mares Foundation website.  She looks forward to working more with the volunteers on editing efforts.

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